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And please don’t tell me you’re not in sales. The truth is, we all are. Even the ‘exchange’ of a greeting on the street has an underlying element of healthy and important trading in it – even if you consciously have no intention to trade!  So you sell something – maybe your time, your skills, your knowledge – even your looks, your skin or your dress sense! Probably a package with some of all of those.max sells a good question

My colleague Roy, with a background in business development, recently reminded a client “If you can’t describe it, you’ll find it hard to sell it.”  It challenged me, and prompted me (yet again) to be clear about what I ‘sell’. In some ways I think I sell good questions, like Max, particularly when I’m coaching or mentoring, but my carefully formed questions are just a means to an end. Here’s the essence of what I really bring to the table:

The power to change.

Simple isn’t it! Professionally at least, I provide people with the increases in personal power they need to be different, to move on, to grow.  This inevitably comes carefully wrapped in a wealth of different outer packages.  People may buy the power in the form of questions and suggestions, creativity, specialist attention and professional friendship. They may buy empowerment packaged in courses, resources, books, packs of cards, and coaching conversations, and then go away and reprocess them into something else: perhaps being a better mum or dad, a higher quality of personal peace, or a sense of being whole. But I’m not offering them (you?) that. I’m offering you more power – the power to change your life for the better.

When you want someone to turn up your power, click here, or call me on 01903 744399.

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