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Just south of Nordcap – and of course everything in Europe is south of Nordcap – is this little, well-worn picnic bench.  No one in sight.  It was waiting for me beside a cool clean pool half way up a mountain. So I stopped and made its acquaintance.

Breakfast.  A camp-style ‘bath’ (we’ll leave it there!). A read. Sitting quietly in the arctic sun. Solitude. Aloneness.

Later in the day, I stopped again, beside a little beach.  For the rest of the afternoon.

Today the ferry was full, and it returns in four hours time. So I’ve stopped again, the camper – and my heart – still. Stoptime.

What ‘stoptime’ do you have?

Are you comfortable alone with your thoughts, at ease with quiet meditation?  For me it is a touch of heaven, a ‘place’ of acute joy, a source of spiritual replenishment and relief.

Many years ago I dedicated myself to serving God, and have continued to do that down the decades, not least as I coach people here in Powerchange, but without stop-time my life quickly runs dry and my reservoirs empty.  I find myself offering the world (and of course my clients) something from the bottom of the barrel instead of fresh from an overflow.  No one wants a tired stale coach thanks.

Me First!

‘Me First’ isn’t necessarily a selfish attitude.  It can be a very important one.  As you become more aware of the lives you influence you will soon discover that your own integrity has a powerful affect on others.


Maybe today this is a call to your heart too. Stop. You’ll find a way. Don’t expect others to understand because they probably won’t, but the quality of what you have to offer them will significantly increase.  A hand-to-mouth, on-the-hoof quick sandwich isn’t anything like as satisfying for them or you as a carefully prepared, marinated, carefully considered, slow-cooked, fine-dining meal.

And that takes time.  Time learning from the ‘chef’ – whoever that might be for you. (Choose your teachers wisely! Jesus Christ features for me.)  Time experimenting. Time tasting your own recipes to see if they satisfy you. If they do, then offer them to those who you suspect might enjoy them too.

That’s what I’m doing right now.  Will you stop for a while please?  For everyone’s sake.

Glad I did?  Well, let me know what happens when you do.



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