Marketing yourself?

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Just enjoying preparing for a new seminar for our Powerchange guys on ‘Marketing Yourself’ – the perceived beneficial exchange of what you have with what others have.

It reminded me of when I was a kid on our farm and being ‘allowed’ to go to market with my dad when he had animals to sell. Of course I understand the process much better now than I did as a teenager and preparing this material has been a great therapy for me.  Of course it will help our business too, because I’ve learned that “what you focus on gets bigger” and I am focusing on marketing! (I guess it helps that I’ve written a book on it too.)

National foods being marketed in Copenhagen last week.
National foods being marketed in Copenhagen last week.

But all sorts of psychological complications arise for people when they think about marketing themselves: “I’m not worth anything.”  “What will I feel if no one wants me?”  “I don’t like me much, so how can I expect other people to?” … and a myriad more!  I’d love to know what question arises for you when you think about marketing yourself. (Let me know:

The ‘trouble’ is, marketing is essential, and we do it all the time – yet often very badly.  The clothes we wear, the tone of voice we use, the colour of our skin – all send out a message to people who are interested in ‘buying’ our product or service. And If I don’t ‘trade’ my time, energy, knowledge, love, and friendship with the people around me, I’ll soon be on the street, lonely and destitute.

When I first moved into the commercial business world properly – only 10 or so years ago – it was a shock to realise how little I knew about how I came across to others. Since then I’ve made strides in improving that, and my life is much happier as a result.  And I have now given the rest of my foreseeable life to helping those around me live happier, richer, and stronger lives too. I’m trading what I have learnt and I know I need to keep learning so I have more that is of benefit to the market. Like every good deal, its a win/win/win.

They looked as if they'd been trading love and friendship for many a decade!
They looked as if they'd been trading love and friendship for many a decade!

Unlike the market in which my Dad bought and sold his cows that only happened on Wednesdays in Chichester, West Sussex, the market place in which I live is 24/7. Like you, my ‘customers’ are all around me every day. I exchange friendship and love with my wife, Sue. I give my grown up children love and attention – and they kindly offer it back. And of course I trade my knowledge and skills commercially as I coach and train others. I want to make sure they all get the best I can manage.

By the way, the seminar is part of our Powerchange GOLD Training in Hammersmith, London, on Sept 13th. If you think you need to come, or know someone who does, let me know. We can probably fit you in.

Have a great day today in the market place of your life today.  For me, its back to prepping that seminar!

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  1. Hi Andrew,
    Love your Blog, wishing you every happiness and success. My website should be up this week (hopefully). I will try and see you at your taster, if all goes well. Take care, have a lovely day. Rosaly

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