It’s a Pleasure

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I’ve been thinking a lot about ‘pleasure’ recently, how important it is, and how central and essential to the human experience. I suspect it is very close to the very reason we live.

The pleasure of friendship
The pleasure of friendship

And I want to include all pleasure in this description, as long as it is beneficial to everyone and there are no losers. (So we’ll exclude any thought of ‘damaging pleasure’ and the like, where one person gains pleasure from another’s misfortune, discomfort, or pain, or pleasure results in damage and hurt to others.)

The pleasure  of the artist creating her work, the pleasure of a home-maker entertaining guests, the pleasure of a company director running his business well, and the pleasure of a surgeon relieving injury or illness.  The pleasure of a teenager with her first driving experience, the pleasure of a little child constructing a car from a cardboard box, the pleasure of helping a friend (or an enemy), the pleasure of love in all it’s guises, the pleasure of listening to a stunning performance of orchestral music, the pleasure of the first croaky, squeaky noises I made that day on a clarinet in a music shop in Crawley. The pleasure from using my iMac computer here in front of me. The pleasure of walking away from it. The pleasure of a sweet night’s sleep, and the pleasure of a dawn departure. The shape of my little grand-daughter’s nose. The pleasure I derive from watching over her quieted body as she lies asleep.

I love it when my children experience pleasure, especially in the ‘small stuff’, an item of clothing that fits ‘just right’ and feels so good to wear. The five minute telephone conversation yesterday when daughter Lizza and I had so much fun playfully ‘sparring’ with each other. The pleasure of meeting my son Jonna with a drink half way through a 10k run. The pleasure of watching Ben as he is learning to be a good dad.

And I want everyone who works with me as a coach to experience pleasure.  I want everyone who buys our products and services here at Powerchange, our personal development company, to experience pleasure.  I want to be a continual and overflowing abundant source of all the best kinds of pleasure. Will you join me?  Then we’ll both be able to say…

“It’s a pleasure.”

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