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I’ve a message I want you to help me get out there.  It’s really important, and you can use your connections to ‘make it happen’.  Will you do that for me?  Thank you.  Here it is:

People are afraid.  We can change that!

The job of a leader, so a friend told me years ago, is to provide vision and encourage the people.  In these up and down times, such leaders are few and far between it seems.  From some significant distance, 4,000km from the world of Brexit in northern Norway, I’ve been intrigued to read the messages coming from the media to my iPhone.  They are so horrible to read! Terror, disappointment, regret, fear, anger, rage, exploitation, back-stabbing, recrimination – even apocalyptic declarations about WWIII and the world economies collapsing.   There are people who make a lot of money out of this stuff, it seems.  So where are our leaders?  You can be one – join the team.

Make-it-happen leaders!

No not the doom-laden soothsayers of Westminster or Brussels, or the gleeful media correspondents, maxing out the dollars on people’s fears,  but the LEADERS! The inspiring, real, courageous, faith-filled and enthusiastic pioneers of the future?  Where are the men and women who look at the future and inspire HOPE, COURAGE, PASSION, EXCITEMENT, JOY, SELF-DETERMINATION, and FREEDOM?

The future isn’t some fatalistic end result. It doesn’t even exist right now.  The future is available to us as a clean piece of paper, for us to write on.  US.  Some are scribbling all over it.

You and I each have a choice.  Our lives are not dictated to by an unknown pension fund manager, or some remote political entity.  We each have a choice.  In fact, every day we have thousands of choices, and most of those choices will be subtly influenced by how we have lived our lives up to now, what we have chosen to accept, what we have chosen to listen to and read.  Personally, I read books about courage, risk-taking, stepping into the unknown, and I have lived my life choosing to adventure.  (Even the word ‘adventure’ excites me!) My current read is “The Girl in the Picture” about the Vietnamese girl burned by napalm. You may know it. She rejected fear and shifted to a much better way to think about her life.

Kim Phuk has dedicated her life to making the future better for others.
This 12 year old Kim Phuk, now in her 50s, has positively dedicated her life to bringing hope to the world.

OK, here’s the challenge.

There are people watching you, listening to your words, looking at your face as you say them. Yes, you, YOU are – maybe quite unintentionally – a leader. How are you responding to the world around you right now?  What leadership characteristics have you grown over the years?  Your words change the world.  Your facial expression influences others more than you know. What is in your HEART?  Faith?  Courage?  HOPE?

Those who know me will know that I’m quite libertarian in my response to the world.  I like less laws, not more, greater individual freedom, not more and bigger prisons. I want children educated so that they are inspired to start their own businesses, maximise their creativity to produce goods and services that people are attracted to and want to buy, to develop their interpersonal relationships so that they enjoy one another, be self supporting, and can sell effectively.  (When did you ever hear of sales skills being taught in school?  All of us ‘sell’ something or other.  Selling is an essential life-skill, let’s just be honest about that!)

I want young people educated in the ways of valuing others and taught risk-assessment – not to STOP them taking risks but to teach them HOW to actively take risks and manage and overcome the risk.  I want young people taught, actually taught, to be entrepreneurial.  I want them to learn that failing is merely success being born, to be flexible and adjust.  To keep decision-making about their life and future as close to themselves as possible.  Those who do live happier lives.


The tough part about my job as a personal development coach is not to get people out of slavery, but to get slavery out of the people. Out of their heads, yes.  Out of their hearts, yes. But even deeper down – out of their GUTS.

Enjoy the freedom you have, dear reader.

Every moment of it.  But don’t leave it there.  Spread the message.  See and take opportunities. Be a GREAT leader to the people who are watching and listening to you.  Use what is available to you.  If you are on Facebook, or have a Twitter account, USE IT to influence people for good, not just tell them about the latest shallow chatter.  This is not a call to ARMS but a call to JOY, to HOPE, and to FAITH FILLED LIVING.

Hit the ‘share’ button and change the world.  You have received a calling to be a GREAT leader – make your message one of courage and hope.

Just think, amidst the put-downs, ridicule and rejection you’ll receive (everything has a price!) much joy HOW MUCH JOY you’ll receive!

Thanks for helping.  Share away!



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