“Help – I’m stuck.”

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Caught in the departure lounge with a cancelled flight? Stuck in traffic on the motorway? Trapped in a train that has broken down between stations?  Those are the easy ones to handle for they rarely last more than a day. The big ones are those from which there seems to be NO escape. It seems they’ll go on for ever…

In some sort of prison through a miscarriage of justice? In a ‘debt trap’ and being stripped naked by your creditors? Being told what to do by a little child inside you (and obeying) when you are desperate to be running your emotional life yourself, thank you?

Trapped by food, alcohol,  one of your children, or a parent, or bitterness, your family background, a past mistake or criminal action? Or maybe trapped by someone else’s actions or attitude?  An ‘accident of birth’, rejection, unfaithfulness.

Knowing whose at fault is not the issue – it’s never one person’s fault, is it? Knowing what to do HERE and NOW is what matters.

For that I can offer you much more than hope – though your hope will increase too. We spent several years creating a powerful yet simple process that sets you free from having to obey, having to conform, and having to agree. It opens the trap. In any sort of prison you have to do what you’re told – even in some sort of ‘prison’ you’ve built yourself.  Now you can walk out.

One way is to email me:  andrew@powerchange.com. I’ll be delighted to spend a few moments on the phone or Skype with you.  Or you can comment below.  Feel free.

It needn’t be long before you do (feel free, that is.)

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