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Gull Rock from Trebarwith Strand, Tintagel, North Cornwall.

It’s one of those views that raises the serotonin levels in my brain. I loved the glowing sun burnishing the sea-blackened rocks into fiery red and orange.

Each crashing deluge cleansed the rocks one more time of the grubby footprints and sandy debris left behind by a beachful of holiday makers.

As the photographers waited patiently for the sun to ease its way below the clouds and give us a final beam or two before gently lowering itself into the Atlantic ocean for the night, there was a holy hush.

We sensed the awesome beauty poured over us by the Creator. It was a spiritual moment, appreciated by spiritual people. A fitting end to a relaxing day of sandcastle tide fights and lifeguarded surfing.

The little ones were ready for a final ice-cream and bathtime.  We were ready for a shower, soft red rioja and supper in the comfy holiday cottage just a few yards up the lane.

“When I consider the works of Your fingers, … what is mankind that You are mindful of them, human beings that You care for them?”  Psalm 8.

This view has been enjoyed for centuries by many generations.  Tonight it was our turn.  We felt cared for, and loved it.

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