An ‘Ideal Home’?

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I could mean a physical ‘bricks-and-mortar’ home.  I could mean the context of a family most of us have. I could mean the classic ‘family you choose for yourself’, someone’s definition for a close group of friends.  I potentially mean all of those and one more beside: the home you can enjoy inside yourself.

Your Ideal Home.

This is about how you conceive an ‘ideal home’ in your thinking, and how it affects you life.  This Ideal Home concept is part of our SHAPE programme and helps you create the one place in life you can know a deep sense of safety, acceptance, belief in you, a place to (ad)venture from, and a place to return to for rest and privacy.

In a far-from-ideal outer world, you can have an ideal home to provide you with a secure inner world, a psychological ‘powerbubble’ of peace, safety, acceptance, love, honesty, discipline, experiment, playfulness, learning about life, and how to fit in. A place of support and encouragement, of caution and warning.

Somewhere safe.

Some people have never known a secure home life. With this programme you can move towards inner safety, inner acceptance, inner discipline, inner caution, inner encouragement.  We encourage people towards making the foundation of their home deep and strong – and based on something other than a superficial whim.

What, me?

If your curiosity is stirred and you’re thinking something like “This has the potential for making a difference for me”, then it will. irrespective of the past family life you’ve had or not had, irrespective of the state of your family life right now, you can build your own ideal home. Here in Powerchange we have all sorts of ways of helping you, at your pace, to have the ‘home’ you want. And as you work ON it as well as live IN it, you’ll discover how much better your inner home can be.

Like building a physical home for you and those you love to live in, building an inner home is a very rewarding experience. It takes you to a new and different place in life.  Maybe it makes you an official ‘homeowner’! We make it a joy, a rewarding discovery, free of the pain people associate with thinking about the past (we use a very clever technique: Psychological Anaesthetic, which works brilliantly.) With each metaphorical brick, plank, and window, you’ll actually feel, deep inside the GOOD things – and none of the ‘bad’ things – associated with an ideal home-life.

Great views, no close neighbours.

Look out onto a better horizon.

Some people spend their entire lives in a hovel, a slum, and long for escape. Instead you can look out onto wide open spaces, a rich horizon filled with beauty.

Your inner home may change where, and how, you actually end up living. As you allow your thoughts to imagine your ‘ideal home’ those thoughts start to take on a physical power, affecting the daily choices you make. It will be for you personally – one thing your new home won’t be is one that is perfect for someone ELSE.  No this is about you, your life, your sense of place – and not in a selfish way either.

Lots of neighbours, view of a sewerage ditch.

When you have an inner ‘home’ you are proud to own, you will be much better equipped to serve those around you, and just maybe you will be able to inspire others with what you’ve achieved so that they venture out from a place within themselves they know they can confidently and happily return to.

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  1. Excellent, Andrew, thank you. I wonder if this is the ‘Ideal Home’ that one wants to ‘exhibit’ to others too? Is The Daily Mail taking an interest in this “Ideal Home Exhibition”? Now, there’s a thought…

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