A New Coach asked for advice today. Here is what I wrote to her…

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Andrew Sercombe • Ok, Charlene, here’s my ‘two-penny-worth’ as we say over here in the UK.

1. Care less and trust yourself. Life is too short to do it everyone else’s way. Only you can be you, and you’re a gift to the world. How much better to do it the way you like and learn than do it the way other people think you should do it and live slightly out of your own skin. Operate from WITHIN your comfort zone. There will be enough challenges without you having to bully yourself into discomfort. (Wear your favourite clothes.)

2. Show other people how to like you by YOU liking you. Live in a way that you’re proud to own.

3. Love your clients, and prospective clients because they are worth it not because they have client potential – and don’t try to make them be clients! I’m constantly surprised that clients come from everywhere BUT my marketing activities, but somehow my marketing activities are important for ME. They keep me ‘other’ focussed. I only work with people I like – or maybe I help them to become people I like!

4. Yes, I know I’m only supposed to have three points, and this is the fourth and there is five and six yet … feel free to break the rules. They were only made up by someone else to control us! I remember reading that professionals built Titanic and amateurs built the Ark. I’m still an amateur, that way I can keep playing. (I like playing – have you noticed?!)

5. As Richard Branson says,’Never do it for the money’ and don’t try too hard. Me, I’m sick of ‘try harder’. So is everyone else after a while if they’re honest.

6. My definition of Success: The inevitable result of being human. How many small successes have you had just today, and not noticed?

Love to you!  Enjoy your new adventure.


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