Fertile thinking?

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I never ever thought I’d be standing in a fertility clinic. We have three adult children, and two grandchildren, but last night I was in the London Women’s Clinic in Harley Street, London, with Anya Sizer, one of our Powerchange GOLD Coaches. Anya is using her training and outstanding skills to help transform the lives of couples who want a baby. Last night was the launch of her first book, Fertile Thinking, written with Cat Dean, and published by infiniteideas in Oxford. (You can buy the book on Amazon.co.uk.)

Fertile thinking. Bring YOUR seed thoughts to life.

I love the title. The fertility world is rife with stress–sadness, bereavement, disappointment, elation and many other emotions–as women desperately long to be pregnant. Anya and Cat’s book is a breath of fresh air as she coaches couples towards thinking differently, giving themselves a psychological strategy to support all the physical stuff. The fact that Anya has two children by IVF means she really has ‘been there’. It’s not just our bodies that get pregnant. And ‘pregnancy’ is not limited to women. You have literally thousands of seed ideas that need to be impregnated in order for them to come alive and grow. Like fertility treatment–in fact, like every attempt at pregnancy–there is no guarantee that they will, or that they will all last the term and come out into the world perfectly formed.

But some of them will. The world changes when seed thoughts are impregnated with faith. Faith is the deep-seated belief that something might happen, can happen, even though you cannot see it up ahead just yet.  It is a living thing. Not just wishful thinking, but an alive and wriggling.

Seed thoughts, like good relationships, grow when you pay attention to them. And we pay attention because we believe they have a potential future. When I founded Powerchange in March 2000, I had no idea that I would be standing in that fertility clinic last night. When Anya first joined our coach training programme, I had no idea that she would go on to be so influential in the world of fertility, respected widely for her fertility coaching.

I had no idea you would be reading this. So what are you wanting to bring to birth?  If it’s physical pregnancy you’re concerned about, get in touch with Anya. If it’s your dreams that never see the light of day, there’s a ‘Ideas Fertility Clinic’ you might want to call.  We can help you bring that seed thought to full term.

Get in touch. Email me today. Now. Make it happen. That’s the next step.

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