The Parable of the Two New Toys.

I’ve got two new toys parked outside.  Yes, I suspect that if you know me you’ll assume that they have two wheels, and … OK, you’re right. I bet they’re not quite what you expect though. “One upon a time a man had two new toys.  One was huge and brand spanking new. It had […]

The Kind Stranger Chapter 4: A trip to the pottery.

“Good morning!” I’m getting used to the Kind Stranger sneaking up on me and surprising me.  Behind his smiling face is a playful sense of humour. Here I was getting on with my life, preparing breakfast in the kitchen. In he came, looking for me. KS is always welcome in our home. “We’re going on […]

The Kind Stranger. Chapter 2: The Second Encounter

Read the previous chapter? Then enjoy the second chapter of this amazing story… It was the day after I met him that I first noticed a change. Now, as I think back, it is hardly surprising that it would affect my future life.  I had experienced something very special, and through the night I tossed […]

A Purpose-inspired Life. Part 2.

Read Part 1 first.  It will help you. Mushrooms or Oak Trees Living only for today and tomorrow and not considering your life as a whole is like growing mushrooms. They will be tasty today, but thrown away tomorrow. Growing mushrooms is an urgent business that needs high levels of control, hour by hour monitoring […]

A Purpose-inspired Life, Part 1.

The evidence is well researched and clear. If you want a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfilment in your life, live with a clear sense of ‘life-time purpose’. Whilst it is often a person’s decision to live life on a minute by minute, day by day basis, thinking only of how they can stave off […]

Who will I be?

Late in 1990 I experienced ‘burn out’, and made some decisions about being free from the tyranny of living my life to fulfil other people’s expectations.  (Some of them were really nice ‘other people’ too.) Here goes… Who will I be? The quiet and submissive heart That, pressed by peers, will play the part Selected […]

Success Part 3: Better.

Google says there are 51,100,000 references to ‘motivation’ on the web. So what motivates the writing of so many words by so many ‘experts’? Here is my ‘expert’ opinion: people are crying out for a clear sense of personal purpose, their song. I started to live a much better life when I allowed that song […]

Work-Life Balance?

I’ve a confession to make: I don’t spend much time thinking about ‘balance’. To start with, I don’t like the implied superiority of assuming we have a ‘balanced’ opinion, or the implication that ‘we need to keep a balance here’. Even when I’m riding my motorbike, I only have to consider balance when the bike […]

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