Courage in the face of Fear.

Here in the UK we have been suffering an epidemic of fear. Fear is being promoted at every corner: stripes on the pavement, notices on shop windows, security staff on doors, cardboard cups, taped barriers, random warnings, cancelled appointments and half-seen faces. Here where I live we’ve even got roads closed and entire lanes dedicated […]

‘C’ stands for Control

The ‘C’ for Saturday is CONTROL – number five in thePowerchange ‘SEVEN’ course we are running at Bethany Cottage on Saturday’s once a month.  For most of us control is a BIG DEAL. This is a MASSIVELY important thing to consider, as it impacts of so much of our lives and thinking. Are we really […]

Self-control and priorities

It is a big deal.  Here are three Top Tips from me  –  and read them ALL not just the first one.  They are all fresh and ready for human consumption. 1. Control is a Verb not a Noun. Self control is something you DO.  It is not something you HAVE.  It is an action, […]

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