Invasive History Syndrome. Have you experienced it?

I don’t know whether the medical profession has another more technical name for this, but IHS, in Auto Response Psychology, stands for Invasive History Syndrome. You first heard about it here. Let me give you a brief introduction, but the chances are YOU can tell ME about it… It’s what it says on the tin – […]

Supremely Confident? I hope so!

I wasn’t quite sure how to take it then, nor when it has happened since. Was it an accusation, a mere description, or something else.  The person had asked what did, and I described my coaching and how effective it was in the lives of my clients. First my honest description, then came the exclamation, […]

Courage and a Course.

You know, there are people who think its not the ‘done thing’ to be passionate about what you know is good. It’s regarded as pushy, or arrogant. But think about that.  When you know that a person will never be the same again, will have their lives redefined, and their hearts and hopes brought alive again, […]

The Kind Stranger. Chapter 2: The Second Encounter

Read the previous chapter? Then enjoy the second chapter of this amazing story… It was the day after I met him that I first noticed a change. Now, as I think back, it is hardly surprising that it would affect my future life.  I had experienced something very special, and through the night I tossed […]

Auto Response Psychology and dis-ease.

This IS rocket science!  Not hard to understand once you let your brain take it in, but no doubt right up there with rocket science.  Imagine – your auto immune system applied to your mind and your thinking. The way you automatically respond to the world around you.  Your Auto Response Psychology. Imagine having an allergic […]

Psychological ‘Junk Food’ – or a Healthy Diet?

As you probably know, Powerchange focuses not merely on external behavioural change, as the standard life-coaching and CBT models tend to, but on the underlying Auto-Response systems of a client’s life. Whilst much of the ‘Success’ industry feeds its ever more desperate junkies with addictive ‘success fast-food’ and turns its back as they become psychologically […]

Obsessive, Compulsive. Disorder?

I’m studying obsession at the moment, and I’ve some questions: Good or bad? Obsession describes a scientist working all hours to prove a theory. It describes a person exclusively focused on a finely defined ‘compulsive behaviour’.  It speaks of single-mindedness and eccentricity. It describes the hunter, the detective, the art collector and the painter, the […]

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