Zen and the Art of the Motorbike Accident

It was just a year ago that a lovely lady pulled her VW Golf across in front of me to enter a petrol station and…in a matter of seconds, my prized blue BMW 1200GS motorbike was no more. Following the thought, “No,no, no, don’t pull across, don’t do it, stop, stop!” and the next resigned […]

Thinking Hurts

Here in Powerchange HQ we are currently doing some deep thinking. Like many other people, we want to make the world a rewarding and happy place to live in, with you and me able to enjoy the freedoms that are the privilege of responsible people.  We want our deep thinking to pay off, to be […]

Psychological ‘Junk Food’ – or a Healthy Diet?

As you probably know, Powerchange focuses not merely on external behavioural change, as the standard life-coaching and CBT models tend to, but on the underlying Auto-Response systems of a client’s life. Whilst much of the ‘Success’ industry feeds its ever more desperate junkies with addictive ‘success fast-food’ and turns its back as they become psychologically […]

Quitting the Fear Factory

How to become an Employee in the Fear Factory (They don’t like to use the word ‘slave’) 1. Sign on – you’ll be able to find any excuse, the one most people use is ‘I had no choice’. 2. Take a mix of simple, widely available and common unpleasant experiences and exaggerate them. You won’t […]

Ten Years From Now…

Here at Powerchange Central we have been spending most of today looking, not just at this next year, but how we might be in 2020, ten years from now. What will Powerchange look like? Who will be with us then?  Who do we need to have on board? How would someone outside ourselves imagine us […]

Obsessive, Compulsive. Disorder?

I’m studying obsession at the moment, and I’ve some questions: Good or bad? Obsession describes a scientist working all hours to prove a theory. It describes a person exclusively focused on a finely defined ‘compulsive behaviour’.  It speaks of single-mindedness and eccentricity. It describes the hunter, the detective, the art collector and the painter, the […]

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