I love …

Here are some of the things I love: OK, I’m madly proud to belong to my family. I love being married to Sue – an utterly amazing woman.  And my daughter and two sons and their wives are wonderful people, all adults now with lives of their own – I couldn’t wish for a nicer […]


For many years I never realised what was possible for me.  I was born on a tiny ‘starter’ farm that my dad rented from the Council.  When I was nine, we upgraded to a bigger farm, and as I grew up we all worked very hard, from dawn ’til dusk to keep body and soul […]

Community Brain Theory?

Yes. We may think that our brain is in our head, but it is designed to reach far beyond that, and because it is a living organism, it does. By itself. In Powerchange we know that it is not possible to NOT communicate. Human beings are designed to influence each other’s thinking, trade resources and […]

Damned by Speculation

What speculation has damned your life? Speculation is the theorising about something for which there is no evidence. ANYTHING to do with the future is speculative, because we don’t have the future right now, so we don’t ACTUALLY know. “I know what everyone will think if I do that.” Speculation. You don’t KNOW. Even if […]

Maturity Indicators

As coaches in Powerchange we encounter many clients who recognise that they are responding in a ‘teenage’, if not a ‘little child’ way, and want to change that. During the coaching conversation, they may ask us to give them an indication of what mature behaviour is all about. I’ve put this blog together in order […]

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