Feeling insecure?

We live in a culture where ‘insecurity’ is generally regarded as more of a liability than an asset. “He’s a very secure person” and “He’s a very insecure person” convey meanings which are poles apart. I want to point out today that senses of both security and insecurity are important to physical and emotional well-being. […]

Confident with the future? Try “Pre-retrospection”!

A year or so ago I developed a process for re-evaluating your whole life – even the life you haven’t lived yet! I use it with clients who need reassurance of their decision-making processes, and people who are frightened to make a decision in case they miss something better (and as a result they make […]

Success Part 1. Deeper.

To tell you the truth, I’m sick of all this talk of Success.  Most of it is just talk! The word “success’ is what’s called in the trade a nominalisation. It means a name, a label, stuck onto a collection of behaviours or actions. Most of us have some idea of what  a person means […]

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