Feeling out of my depth!

I often do. I read (somewhere) that you should bite off more than you can chew in order to find out you can chew it. Not find out IF you can. I consistently do that. Over the weekend I did it again on the Powerchange training I ran in London, deliberately taking myself out of my depth – and out of one or two other peoples’ depth too. Result? We learned better how to swim. The longer term results will be SO worthwhile. If you do that too, I’m interested. Let me know.


P9150001_3I’m Andrew Sercombe, I’m married to Sue and we have three amazing children. I love life, especially travelling around Europe on an enduro motorbike, usually camping wild.  I taught Design Technology for ten years when I left college.  I’m an internationally published writer, broadcaster, and businessman. I love learning. In March 2000 I founded and now lead the personal development service Powerchange, which is recognised for its fresh approach to personal change for adults and young people. My responsibility in Powerchange is to provide the vision, develop powerful life-enhancing materials, and hone the creative edge of what we do. Sue and I live in the heart of West Sussex, right next door to the relaxing and beautiful South Downs National Park. If you want to get in touch, feel free.

Hello world!

Today I can start a blog. I don’t know much about doing one.  I’ve only had a flimsy attempt before, but so what.

Beginning gives rise to questions.  Can I keep it up? Will anyone read it?  Is there any point?

Let’s start with that last one first. Yes, there is a point.  I want this blog to serve you some how, to be a resource that will help you.  And of course that will have to be a two way street – you’ll need to help me write it please.  I’m sure good will come out of it.  And you’ll need to help me with that too!

What do you need to begin today?

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