Willing Surrender, Part 1.

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What it isn’t, and what it may be for you.

Surrender? For some it is a dirty word, implying weakness, fear, or lack of endurance. However, depending on the context, willing surrender has huge power. I’d like to re-write the word ‘Surrender’ for you. I believe it will profoundly transform your life.

handing over a key

Surrender is not capitulation to fate, chance or luck, but a willing handing over of something to another. For some, that is about re-trusting their inner selves, about allowing that deep sense of intuition, that gut feeling, space to respond. It is a million miles away from throwing your hands in the air and giving up. For others, it is releasing (or re-releasing) your life or a situation to a higher power – God, perhaps.

Surrender isn’t evidence of a lack of resilience but rather the opposite. This sort of surrender is evidence of courage. Deliberately opening your clenched fist and letting go of the rope isn’t anything like the same as giving up. In the process you overcome fear of NOT letting go. The first is characterised by willingly accepting the consequences of making a courageous decision (to deliberately decide not to interfere with the ‘natural’ process of events takes a lot of courage and self control). It is characterised by a ‘faith choice’ that, as you let this dream die, another dream or pathway – a richer fuller better one will be revealed.

One key reason for the absence of depth in the life of many human beings is the absence of surrender. Depth often comes from slowing ‘forward’ progress, so that our energies are refocused in a different direction: Downward.

Like a pebble flung across the surface of the water we can keep afloat by spinning round and round and going ‘fast forward’, skating over the water. Hydroplaning. However this is not the way to discovering depth. Depth is revealed when we stop.

ducks and drakes spinning a pebble

Some of us are terrified at the thought of stopping. We fear we will discover our own shallowness when we commit to testing for depth, that, all too soon, ‘going deeper’ will end in us discovering what we are not. We also suspect that we will find a significant amount of mud, unwanted rubbish (plus a shipwreck or two) below the surface. We become concerned that we will be embarrassed by the rubbish as it is seen for what it is. That may well be true. We may well be. But until we are serious about facing the less obvious realities we will continue to forfeit the sheer joy and relief of deep, secure, and comparatively unassailable lives.

Ready to willingly surrender? Maybe we’ll come back to this in another blog and ask what, how, and to whom. In the meantime, you could record a little of what you know about willing surrender in the comment box below.

3 thoughts on “Willing Surrender, Part 1.”

  1. Thanks again Andrew – always provoking and prodding to greater things. Very appropriate for us as we transition – again! – and have some nail biting faith decisions ahead of us.

    Have a great and a blessed Christmas – and any cast off BMW’s (or Bergman’s) you can always send my way!

    Warm regards,

    John and Angie

    John and Angie Hindmarsh

    Nelson Barn

    The Old Riding Stables

    23 Lower Street



    NR13 6RW

    M: 07880 33 77 14 – John

    M: 07775 90 33 33 – Angie

    E: angiehindmarsh@live.co.uk

  2. Willing surrender is needed and it works. Thanks for this profound insight Andrew.
    Margaret x

  3. Beautifully put together Andrew. I think perhaps Willing Surrender is a sign of an enormous amount of love and faith one can endure… that we are always looked after by a higher power and will always be given the signs to lead us “Home” and make us feel at “Peace” (not pieces!).

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