Ten Years From Now…

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Here at Powerchange Central we have been spending most of today looking, not just at this next year, but how we might be in 2020, ten years from now. What will Powerchange look like? Who will be with us then?  Who do we need to have on board? How would someone outside ourselves imagine us to be in 2020? What are the next steps we can take towards those outcomes? What attracts us – draws out the passion, energy and inspiration we will need – sufficiently to bring about this growth?

Believe me this is not just a theoretical exercise. As a personal development organisation we KNOW the psychological power of this kind of thinking. As we sat, thought and chatted in East Beach Cafe in Littlehampton,  Powerchange was subtly being formed in a new way, as a family is formed for the future by the conception of an infant. As we allowed our thinking to bring these concepts to mind and played with the ideas, they became real.  As with any pregnancy, they are treated with tender respect and care, for there is always the possibility of a miscarriage. There are also all sorts of things we will not know in detail until much later (will it be a boy or a girl?) but that doesn’t put us off.

Of course such thinking is inevitably speculative. (Who knows where the next ten years will take us?) But that speculation has a habit of  guiding us on the pathway of life, and often coming about. Lesley, one of my clients describes how she wrote down her plans for the year in January and forgot all about them until she turned them up in July.  To her surprise and shock, several of them – including a major house move and complicated job change – had already happened by July without any attempt on her part to consciously implement them! She had also set some financial goals which were coming to pass.

Our thinking has been one of looking at the LONG term. This is not about fixing up a load of appointments to fill the diary or the bank account.  It is about refining what we are ready to work for, live for and sacrifice for as we live through these coming years. We’ve looked at what truly motivates us; what we REALLY WANT to check if we still really want it. (We are also ready to be flexible, ready to modify our aspirations as we travel the road.)

Powerchange celebrates its 10th birthday this year in March. During this time it has grown, developed, died off a bit here and there, and is now in a very healthy state.  We’ve learnt a lot, experimented a lot, achieved a lot and made a lot of mistakes in the process.  But our hearts have been in what we are doing, our motives and intentions have been healthy.  The result is a platform of foundations that we are happy to build on, knowing that they will not fail.

When I founded Powerchange in 2000, the statistics predicted 4 out of 5 businesses fail in the first year. I was deeply thankful that Powerchange hadn’t. Then I learned that 75% of the remaining businesses do not get through a full five years in business.  I was excited that Powerchange had – just! I don’t know if there are statistics about a company lasting twenty years or more, but I do know that we have coached, trained, supported, encouraged and inspired thousands of people in the last ten years, and now we will set our hearts, minds and wills to continuing to support the transformation of as many lives as we can in this next ten years too.

If you want to know how we are going to do it, you probably need to be on our team. Call me on 01903 744399 or email.  I’d love to talk with you.  In the meantime, remember this:  In both life and business, taking the long view makes all the difference.

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