The Kind Stranger. Chapter 2: The Second Encounter

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Read the previous chapter? Then enjoy the second chapter of this amazing story…

It was the day after I met him that I first noticed a change. Now, as I think back, it is hardly surprising that it would affect my future life.  I had experienced something very special, and through the night I tossed and turned and wondered about it all. Was this really just a remote chance encounter, or was I missing something?   The Kind Stranger had singled me out for his attention. This was new to me – it had never happened before – well, not like this anyway. I didn’t know how significant it would be.

I felt both weakened and strengthened at the same time by that first encounter. It was the weakness that felt strangely good. My carefully constructed defences had softened. I had softened. I could sense myself more flexible, more open, and much more relaxed. For the first time in years I felt safer, stronger, in fact much stronger inside.

I decided to make a drink and sit down quietly. And that’s when I heard his voice again.

It felt so close, and it was not just in my head. It felt as if he was in the room with me, not physically, if you know what I mean, but definitely here. I put my drink down, and just sat, relaxed, attentive, waiting.

I know this sounds weird for a rational human adult, but to me it was as real as the chair, the drink, me sitting here, and I felt a wave of warm emotion as I heard the Kind Stranger’s voice again, as real as yesterday.

He was smiling still. You can tell when someone is smiling, can’t you. And this time his voice was quieter, more personal, almost intimate, but with that wholesome respect and trustworthiness I’d begun to associate with him. It wasn’t a whisper, just reassuringly quiet. Perhaps he knew I needed to hear him that way today.

“I said I’d come.” I heard him smile. “You can trust what I say.” How did he know that my trust in people was at a low ebb these days? “I’m here to remind you of the truth,” he said gently, “the truth about you.”

I wriggled a bit in my chair (I won’t admit to squirming!) and took a moment to settle myself. He waited. I took a deep breath, and as I relaxed he gently continued.

“From the moment you arrived on this earth as a human life until the moment you depart from it – and that includes now of course” (he smiled again) – “you have been, are, and forever will be of indescribable worth. The word I’d like to use is ‘priceless’. No amount of gold, diamonds, or any number of banknotes in any currency would compare with your worth.”

The Kind Stranger stopped for a moment to let his words sink in. They needed to. I had long doubted that I was worth anything much. Yet in his voice was a wonderful reliable confidence. He knew he was right, and in the deepest caverns of my soul I heard myself receive his words as truth for me. For the first time since I was a tiny child, I realised how valuable I really was. Priceless.

Overwhelmed, I felt my emotions well up. A single sigh, suppressed for so long within those deep echoey caverns, rose within me, and as I breathed it out, the doubt was gone. I knew the truth.

“I’ll be back soon.”  I think I may have felt his touch on my arm again as he left, though I could have imagined that.

I sat awhile, comfortably alone and at peace, consciously and unconsciously surrendering each part of my life to what he had told me. It would change everything.

Watch the video of Chapter 2 .

0 thoughts on “The Kind Stranger. Chapter 2: The Second Encounter”

  1. I’m not sure if you fully understand what a huge part you played in the Kind Stranger coming into my life.
    My marriage was not just on the rocks, it was walking out the door with my husband of 25 years.
    I had not just lost my way, I no longer believed there was a way.
    My perceived value of myself was at rock bottom.
    I did not think anyone would understand me, let alone like me or be kind to me, and show me a different path.
    But thanks to you, and Powerchange, my next encounter with the Kind Stranger is only a whisper away. Things have changed, I have changed – and am changing still.

  2. Thank you, Lynette. Pretty much anyone who allows the Kind Stranger into their lives seems to experience significant change – and, funnily enough, enjoys spreading that change around. Maybe you could sit down with a drink and be quiet, and see if he comes to you?

  3. What a reassuring experience, Ann. Thank you. And yes, valuing others is important for us all. I guess if the Kind Stranger was around he might quote an old sage who invited his followers to love their neighbour as themselves. When we fail to love ourselves properly we tend to love others with a ‘take’ love rather than a ‘give’ one. However once we have that foundation, let’s get on with loving those around us – full tilt! a.

  4. I watched The Second Encounter video on Friday evening, whilst I was in the middle of trying to fix a technical problem at work, with an application I haven’t supported for just under a year. They had come to me in a blind panic because the system was down and they didn’t know how to fix it. I was so consumed with trying to fix the problem that I was watching the video but wasn’t hearing it at all.

    Late last night I sat in my bathroom looking at myself in the mirror and asked “What is going on inside my head? Why am I torturing myself?” Then like a flash of light the thought came into my head “How could anyone like me when I don’t like myself?” At that moment I started to smile.” It was like a great weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. I thought “this is a new chapter in my life”.

    Thinking about it overnight, I didn’t know what I had to do to change. Having just read The Second Encounter, I feel it, and the first chapter, were written just for me, as they detail feelings in my life – but obviously other people can relate to them as well.

    I now realise all I need to do is start liking and being kind to myself. Amazing. I can’t wait to see what happens.

  5. Guess what, Patrick – maybe they WERE written for you? And me. Enjoy the third chapter (The Hug). That is probably written for both of us too. By the way, I’ve found out that when we like ourselves properly we become more likeable. Interesting that, isn’t it? a.

  6. I’ve thinking about the Kind Stranger since reading the 1st story. I remember hearing some of those words before, being priceless, being known and loved, needed beyond reason. it changed me deep within, for a while and I thought he would give and do anything I asked. Not exactly true as I’ve learnt. I would like to really know him really for who is and for me to like me like he does. I think this is helping to reaffirm or maybe just think about him more.

  7. The other thing truth is the world is better when we like ourselves properly. I’m looking forward to dismantling my ‘carefully constructed defences’ and trusting the Kind Stranger,… again. Welcome freedom! Welcome Love! Welcome Trust! Welcome Faith!!!

  8. A few years ago I read a description about prayer. The guy said it was “waiting on God until the dust settles and the stream runs clear.” Whether or not you believe in God, the process of ‘waiting until the dust settles and the stream runs clear’ is, from a neuro-scientific point of view very healthy. That’s provided the focus of your thoughts is towards good, kind, life-giving and optimistic concepts. A daily ‘dose’ of just 12-15 minutes of such a focus strengthens the neural pathways and enhances cognition throughout the day. (By contrast, because negative thoughts have such a strong impact neurologically, it takes just 20 seconds for similar brain damage to occur!) Add to that the personification of such concepts – and you know what I believe by reading other categories of this blog! – then you’re creating a VERY strong environment in which to experience the interventions of the Kind Stranger! I would suggest, even recommend, that you take time waiting… till the dust settles and the stream runs clear. Hundreds of millions of people across the world (from all spiritual persuasions and none) meditate regularly, with good reason: the scientific evidence is in their favour. I’ll leave you to decide whether the resulting benefit is a spiritual or ‘merely’ neural experience. Andrew.

  9. Hmmm. Those carefully constructed defences will simply melt away as you actively stay curious and playful, and continue to explore. Next time you meet the Kind Stranger, notice what he is like at a deeper level, and copy him. I suspect he’ll be delighted to help you if you let him – and you won’t be needing most of the other stuff you wanted him to fix. Ask what we call in Powerchange ‘The Skylight Question’: What is more important than all/any of this? Enjoy walking the trail! A.

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