Supporting One Another

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Supporting one another.

Yesterday I was in Brighton.  It is a fantastic city, with just everything in it.  Including Hove.  And on the green down by the sea, close to Meeting Place Cafe, I stood entranced by six quiet gymnasts from Brighton Acro Yoga. (Yes, I know.)

I was fascinated as I watched them playing and practicing, happy for anyone who cared to stop and stare. I took a video and a pic or two, whilst allowing the sheer beauty of the moment to infiltrate my thoughts.

I loved the trust, the gentle collaboration, the humility of these kind people – so evident in what they were doing. The flow of movement, the occasional shakiness of the less experienced members as they held position and allowed their muscles (and trust) to develop and strengthen, the discrete coaching from the more experienced members and …

Isn’t being trustworthy and trusting just so important? It’s true these ultra-flexible fit women had little distance to fall (and I did notice one of them accidentally stood on someone’s face!) but they trusted their teachers as they guided them sensitively, asking for help and support as they needed it – and that trust resulted in a delicious flow from one well-stretched position to another with grace, skill and lots of self-control.

Learning to 'fly'?
Learning to ‘fly’?

Me? I engaged appreciatively with the process, spellbound from afar – a few short metres anyway – and allowed these artists to show me just what they can do. Then I decided to tell you about them. (Sadly these two iPhone pictures don’t do them justice, but I expect you’ll get the idea.)

Then I thanked God with a full heart that they can do it, even though I can’t.

Flexibility. Beauty. Trust. Humility. Flow.

I rode my Burgman 400 home asking myself…

“Who do I need to support so they can fly?”

I’ll support you if I can and you’d like me to – within the bounds of time and energy,, that is, and NOT with my feet!

Call me though.  Who knows?

3 thoughts on “Supporting One Another”

  1. Hi Andrew,

    Thanks (as always) for the stimulating and thought provoking and unusual perspectives you bring into a day – much appreciated.

    I thought you were a BMW Tourer man through and through – not a Suzuki “scooter” man!!??!! Possibly you are both!!!

    Love and appreciate you.

    *John *

    John and Angie Hindmarsh Nelson Barn The Old Riding Stables 23 Lower Street Salhouse NORWICH NR13 6RW

    T: 01603 722 711 M: 07771 688 337 – John M: 07775 90 33 33 – Angie E: E:

  2. I now have 14 points on my licence, 8 due to a hungry copper booking me for filtering through traffic, so thought a bike change might be a good move, and actually the Burgman is real fun – though ironically not anything like as safe as the 1200GS. These scooters are not slow (385cc), are gaining a lot of credibility and are pretty cool actually. (Some people like to call them ‘step-through motorbikes’ but they’s still scooters!)
    I’m planning a big trip on it for 2014 – the current idea is 30 countries in 30 days, camping wild. Watch this space.
    The ‘ultimate driving machine” BMW 320 Touring has gone too – I now have a beautiful 88hp VW T4 Camper! I’ve got to drive like a horsebox for a year or two, collecting as many cars behind me as I can. 😉
    Don’t worry, though, it’s only my driving that has been affected speedwise! Everything else is in fine fettle. I’ve already taken it to Orkney and back, and Wales.

    It is always possible to turn bad things into good things, isn’t it. Dishonest policemen are bad, and happily the magistrate noticed that too – though they are rather dependent on each other, aren’t they! (They have to support one another!) VW Campers are good. The Burgman is somewhere in between, less safe, less easily noticed, less stable, poorer visibility, no ABS, but has a cheeky quality about it and the speedo is over generous!

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