Success Part 2: Higher.

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Hannelie Smit is a great friend of mine. She is a property developer based in the South of England. Hannelie is amazing.  She has already built the six key Foundation Stones of Success we considered in Part 1 of this blog into her life. (By the way, you need to read that blog first!)

Hannelie has definitely gone deeper; she has Significance, Acceptance, a Living, Achievement, Direction and Discipline undergirding everything she does. (We love her!)

So how is it she is getting together with Roy and me here in Powerchange for regular coaching sessions? How is it that Hannelie needs us (and we need her)?

Hannelie Smit
Hannelie Smit

Hannelie knows that when it comes to driving a business forward it pays to have a strong team of aggressively pro-active, highly motivated people around you, to fire you up, ask questions that bounce you out of complacency, stretch your thinking, and upset your status quo. Coaching keeps you on the alert, sharpens your senses to opportunities and helps you monitor potential dangers.  Hannelie knows that our team here at Powerchange love to press forward with our friends and clients, refusing to settle for anything normal, average or ‘accepted’.

And we know that Hannelie does us good too. We profoundly trust each other, knowing that people with the same foundational strengths as ourselves will only inspire us and spur us on. Such coaching sessions are priceless. The worth (in real money!) of their commitment cannot be underestimated. It is potentially millions.

The greatest risks in business concern plateauing. Plateauing is the flattening out of the growth curve. It is usually the result of yielding to the temptation to think this is as far as I can go, that I can rest on my laurels, pat myself on the back and cruise to the finish line.  Businesses are living things. I think businesses must have ears – they hear what you THINK and start to put it into practice before you’ve even noticed.  And the reverse is true too: they know when you mean business.

So what is our motive for meeting up? It  is to keep that word on the agenda in big black bold letters: HIGHER.



So what is ‘higher’?

The truth is, once you’ve gone really deep – with regular checks to make sure you’re deep enough – you know you’re building on solid rock. You can then build very high indeed without needing to be too concerned about future calamity. So ‘higher’ means a decision to build a 5-, 10- or 20-level building when you started off thinking of a three-level one. It means you stop asking ‘Can I?” and instead ask “How can I?” It means you stop merely copying what your business peers are doing or what Mr or Ms Average suggests, and start thinking about what they could be doing if they had more insight.  Then actively apply that same thinking to yourself.  (As Robert Kiy0saki says, never be average.)

Ask: what could I be doing?  Then make the choice.

That’s what Hannelie does. You’ll have to go a long way to find a person with greater integrity and honesty than Hannelie. You’ll also have to hunt around to find someone who works harder or thinks harder or works more passionately towards her goals, or is more determined to live beyond the level she is at now.  Her only thought is “Higher.”

And when it comes to plateauing, here’s a little warning: don’t mention the word to Hannelie.  She is allergic to it.

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  1. Great article for going forward, deeper and thinking higher. Indeed if we are to make any real difference even the smallest impact in our world, we simply cannot be average. And average is a word I’m actually beginning to dislike! It sounds like ‘have rage’, and sure if you are passionate about living your life and making it count, then hanging in the middle(average) will certainly cause you to have rage!….hmm am I having a rage?

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