Shrapnel. Unexploded bombs. What’s your story?

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Working with a company this week or so I have spent seven days coaching just twenty two people. They came from ten different nationalities. Thankfully the company has a very enlightened approach to performance coaching, accepting that lives are not compartmentalised and that what happens on the inside profoundly affect the outside. We’re working on both of course because performance matters in these straitened times, but inside comes first.

Time revealed truth, as it eventually seems to do. Just three of them, maybe four, had a reasonably secure happy past. Most were doing their very best to live well despite the past, yet had jumped to unhelpful conclusions about life in general and their lives in particular – conclusions that were affecting and reflected in their day to day perceptions of the world, their company, their performance and their relationships. All of them were sincere thoughtful genuine people.

Most were experiencing significant emotional pain with bits (sometimes seriously debilitating chunks) of life’s shrapnel still lodged in hard-to-get-at places in their thoughts. Some were tiptoeing round ‘unexploded bombs’ in their lives. With each, and with the tenderest of touches, together we collaborated in that ‘access and removal’ process. With the shrapnel now dealt with and the bombs defused – and the associated emotional infection being treated – those amazing, hard-working and committed people will be able to achieve a better version of ‘best’ for themselves and the company, and build their entire futures differently, on a much safer and more trustworthy foundation.

The glad-or-sad thing about this is that for most (some will definitely need more time) it took just a two hour or so session to achieve this.  Glad we could do it so efficiently, with little pain and only a few tears. Sad that we weren’t together to do it ten years ago. At least their futures now look less trapped by the past and will require less determination and inner fight. From this week they will be able to live more kind to themselves and each other.

There is already a different atmosphere emerging, with more open (and lighter) faces. What a difference that will make to the fortunes of this passionate and award-winning company full of such treasure-able and highly intelligent people!

And then there’s your story. I’m waiting to find out what the next chapter holds.

2 thoughts on “Shrapnel. Unexploded bombs. What’s your story?”

  1. Great post – and it demonstrates how these simple, yet direct techniques can work in corporate environments. The key to success is having a company ‘personality’ that exhibits the same or similar characteristics to those found in the people that you like to share time with – friendly, caring, fun, with a genuine desire to see how being open to change can enhance the future of everyone in the company. A lot of companies would let the shrapnel sit deep under the skin – or worse, ignore it altogether.

    Thanks for sharing this blog, Andrew.


  2. Living Proof
    as someone who has experienced the effects of unresolved emotional pain from the past and its affect in the present; I can equally say that I have experienced a dramatic change when I went to a Powerchange Coach Gillian Curtis who within a session enabled me to experience my life differently in the present. i cannot deny the difference it has made to my personal and professional life. Thank you for your work Andrew it really works!,
    S. Gordon

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