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For many years I never realised what was possible for me.  I was born on a tiny ‘starter’ farm that my dad rented from the Council.  When I was nine, we upgraded to a bigger farm, and as I grew up we all worked very hard, from dawn ’til dusk to keep body and soul together.  At 19 I went to St Paul’s College of Education in Cheltenham for a three-year Certificate in Education from Bristol University. I was now a school-teacher, and loved it. I taught Design and Technology to teenagers for ten years.

At College I fell in love with a 17 year old girl, Sue. I was utterly smitten with her, and, after 18 days of being madly in love I proposed that we should get married. She accepted, and we married at the end of my training 16 months later. We’re still happily married, despite the significant ups and downs that life brings. There have been some very tough times, and some utterly joyous ones.

I was 23 when I met a Scotsman who changed my life.  Campbell showed me what it is to be a truly amazing person. He lived that way and helped me rewire my own thinking. His influence changed my life. Sadly, Campbell passed away in January 2009.

Campbell taught me about some of the really important aspects of a successful life and how I could have them.  I learnt that what I had thought were essential ingredients to success were often anything but, in fact they can actually stop you succeeding.  I also discovered that true success is not only for the elite, the materially well off, or only for other people. It is available to everyone, and is about living each day well, not merely arriving at that final destination.

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