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Here are some of the things I love:

OK, I’m madly proud to belong to my family. I love being married to Sue – an utterly amazing woman.  And my daughter and two sons and their wives are wonderful people, all adults now with lives of their own – I couldn’t wish for a nicer family. And I now have four adorable grandchildren. Utterly entrancing.  The header pictures our family in 2013 – A little dated, but I love it.

I absolutely love coaching people. It is an amazing privilege to be part of a process that changes a person’s thinking and results in them having a daily life that really works for them  – changes that make every day a better place to be from here on.Coaching brings me into contact with a wide variety of people, from CEOs and managers to single mums and young people, people with different faiths or none, different cultural backgrounds – and each individual wants a better future for themselves and those who matter to them.

I love choosing and creating the coaching tools we use. These are a product of up to date practical research, are well tested and a dream to use. They are safe and really get results.  There is nothing quite so personally rewarding as seeing clients getting what they want from their coaching and hearing that they’re so much happier based on techniques we’ve developed in house! And I get to train people too.  Its the icing on the cake.

I love business. There is something very important about trading successfully, and I love it. Not just for the money, though that is an essential ingredient to modern life, but for the involvement, the collaboration, and the way that working in a business-oriented world provides a certain discipline, a framework, to my life. Now I coach businesses too. What a delight.

I’m totally hooked on my motorbike – Well, I actually have two: a 2008 BMW R1200GS and an old Burgman 400 ‘scooter’.  I surrendered to four-wheel transport when Sue and I got engaged decades ago, and returned to biking in September 2008 when I bought a Honda Deauville on eBay. Within a month I’d been to Italy and back, and then upgraded to a bigger newer bike, a 1200GS, which I crashed in January 09, aided by a kind lady who “didn’t see me”.  Hmmm.
Needless to say, that hasn’t been the end. I replaced it asap and I’ve now visited just about every country in mainland Europe from the Arctic in Norway to the Carpathian Mountains in Romania and the Mediterranean – Greece, Croatia, Italy, Spain. (Somehow I missed Macedonia. Don’t ask.) I have a Hilleberg tent I sleep in each night camping wild, and absolutely love the unique freedom and solitude that lone biking provides. A complete and refreshing change from my ‘day-job’.

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