Full Circle to Christianity’s ‘faith, hope and love’.

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In a world where the usual reassurances are no longer working, where, across the world, confidence in government, education, business and justice systems – even in ourselves – is at an all-time low, more and more people are looking around with searching eyes, hunting for some roots, some solid ground beneath their feet, something – anything – that they can rely on as an ultimate safety net, a better pathway along which to walk into the future and a better way of living for the present.IMG_2204

Is this ‘something’ God? Not the universe, energy, or Nature, but the God of Christianity, the creator of it all? I am increasingly of the conviction that it is.

There is an unwavering hope, wholeness and security in the Christian Faith. With its clear clean message of the ultimate in love, freedom and justice, it is proving yet again to be better than any kitchen or partner update, more reliable than Wikipedia, and more secure than a gated property or any amount of money in the bank.

Built around relevant real-time local worshipping communities, Christianity has consistently invited people to a liberating spiritual surrender of their lives to their Creator – along with a radical review of their current values and attitudes – reaching out to him in humility, faith and commitment.

The result is a profound sideways ‘paradigm’ shift, into a new world and a new way of thinking, where the goals and aspirations of 21st Century living are replaced by much more profound goals and aspirations that cannot be bettered and will last, literally, for ever.

  • Welcome to the experience of a loving and eternal here-and-now God who we can truly connect with and be honestly accountable to.
  • Welcome to the promise of heaven and eternal life awaiting us beyond our physical death.
  • Welcome to a set of uncompromised day-to-day guiding life principles that have been around since the beginning of time and we can surrender to.
  • Welcome to an understanding of the world we live in that takes us beyond the natural worries and concerns of economic growth, survival of the fittest, cancer and redundancy.

Yes, welcome to the faith-filled, hope-filled, and love-filled life of 21st Century Christianity. Signing up has changed the lives of thousands of millions across the world for over two millennia. Some track record, eh?  Agreed, there is a price to pay – the price is simply everything you have, do and are.  Everything.

I’m in.

7 thoughts on “Full Circle to Christianity’s ‘faith, hope and love’.”

  1. Hi Andrew Love the family photo on your blog at the top!! Just shown my son and he was working out the family likenesses!!!

    On Tue, Oct 1, 2013 at 12:20 PM, Andrew Online

  2. I heard someone say the other day, truth is when words and deeds line up. Jesus modelled that perfectly for us. Loved this post, we are, as you say, at a time of great spiritual need – for the real thing, not man-made, man-driven substitutes. Your reminder has encouraged me, no, urges me to want to represent the God of Christianity in the best way I possibly can, so that others may want what I have found, and be led to knowing Him. To be honest, transparent, and show love, in the community in which I live.
    Thank you for the challenge.

  3. Thanks, Lynette. For me, the ‘sacrifice’ of that ‘everything’ becomes so inconsequential when I consider what it is comparatively worth. I’ve decided to be much more ‘up front’ about the Christian faith – not least because the alternatives (your man-orientated substitutes, theism, pantheism, worship of nature, etc.) when put under the spotlight, are devoid of substance compared to this. They might come across initially as accepting and politically correct, even attractive, but when challenged are like cracked pots. They hold no water. I’ve been reading Mere Christianity over the last week or so. I recommend it. It is so down to earth, clear and filled with common sense.

  4. Great. It is reassuring that Christianity welcomes everyone in – as long as they come just as they are. It’s unnerving to leave our subtle ‘props’ behind, but a massive relief to discover we never needed them anyway. Seeing them for what they are is a start to a better life.

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