Feeling out of my depth!

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I often do. I read (somewhere) that you should bite off more than you can chew in order to find out you can chew it. Not find out IF you can. I consistently do that. Over the weekend I did it again on the Powerchange training I ran in London, deliberately taking myself out of my depth – and out of one or two other peoples’ depth too. Result? We learned better how to swim. The longer term results will be SO worthwhile. If you do that too, I’m interested. Let me know.

0 thoughts on “Feeling out of my depth!”

  1. Well Andrew, I find that to be true, on the other hand i find myself bitting off more than I can chew and then the thought after that is not how much can i chew, but can i chew it?
    In most case I /we take on opportunities and have doubt other than embracing it fully believing that we/ I can.
    Just had a mind shift.

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