Damned by Speculation

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What speculation has damned your life?

Speculation is the theorising about something for which there is no evidence. ANYTHING to do with the future is speculative, because we don’t have the future right now, so we don’t ACTUALLY know.

“I know what everyone will think if I do that.” Speculation. You don’t KNOW. Even if you were to ask them, you will get a speculative answer because THEY don’t know what they would ACTUALLY think. It hasn’t happened yet. You or they may be able to take a very good guess, but until it happens, that is all it is. A guess. No evidence.

“It would be a disaster to lose my job.” Speculation. There are swathes of evidence to show that losing a job can be the best thing that happened to a person – even ones who thought it was going to be a disaster.

“I’m going to make millions.” Speculation. You don’t know you will be alive in three hours time, so how can you know that?

“You’ll be in a wheelchair by the time you’re 40.” Speculation. My dear departed Dad was told that in his early twenties. He died aged 86 and only occasionally used a wheelchair in the last few years of his life when he walked short distances slowly and we all wanted to walk greater distances faster!

“You’ll never make anything of your life.” I’ll not be damned by such wanton speculation! History is filled with the achievements of people who were told they couldn’t, they were not allowed, or they didn’t have what it would take. When I hear those words, I speculate about the inaccuracy of such speculation! The question is not “Can I do this?” but “Do I WANT to do this?” If the answer is yes, then I ask “OK, HOW can I do this?”

The cleverest statisticians can and do predict the future, can and do build up a reputation for accuracy (to within a certain percentage either way, of course), and can and do get things extremely right… and wrong. They are aided by the smartest computers available, which also are unable to take into account the myriads of unknown alternatives, any one of which will provide a ‘different from predicted’ result. Reason? It’s speculation. How many times have we been told by ‘experts’ that this or that disaster is going to happen – and it didn’t?

When it comes to thinking about the future, I’m happy to speculate to some degree, assess risk, and make considered decisions that I suspect may affect my family and future generations. I also think it’s wise to hold my speculations and predictions about the future lightly, knowing that only some of them will happen. Right now, the FACT is, none of us knows which.

I hold the future lightly. I live simply trusting that when the unknown or unexpected arrives I will have the resources, within and beyond myself, to make the most of it. I call that ‘living by faith’, and I’ve found it to be a wonderfully relaxing and rewarding way to live. Adventurous and risky? Well, yes, but this ‘simply trusting’ means I can enjoy my life much more fully, and ask “What if..?” with an excited, creative tone in my voice, rather than one of fear and dread. When unpleasant circumstances arrive knocking at my door, I can learn from them too.

What speculation has damned your life?

What will happen if you ‘simply trust’?

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  1. Hi brother, i’ve been reading some blogs. It is easy to get depressed and worry about negative things that may happen. My friend Rachel is a singer and she will often sing, ‘cast your burdens upon Jesus for He cares for you.’ That is what I try to remember to do. I have some Holy Water from the Catholic Church too and that helps me feel better when I get PTS flashbacks.I have to put a spot on my head , do the sign of the Cross over my heart in the name of the Father Son and Holy Spirit and ask Jesus to bless me.

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