Canon excel themselves in customer service

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Remember my post “For the want of 5p“? Well, I’ve another story to tell you.
On my Big Trip around Europe I lost my camera. It fell off the bike somewhere in the north west of Greece, up by the Bulgarian border, and I had to get another one in Thessalonikii. I chose Canon again – a red IXUS – and loved it, snapping away merrily for a year. I took it to the Arctic too. Somehow it didn’t quite take the strain and stress of my adventure lifestyle at the time, and passed away finally when I got back and was taking some photos in church. The zoom feature was damaged and I repaired it with my Leatherman, the glass of the LCD screen cracked, the casing had seen better days and eventually the shutter button fell off as I was framing the vicar (so to speak).

It was months out of warranty, but I decided to send it back, not least so Canon knew that their little cameras go to interesting places and they could evaluate the wear and tear. I sent it to the MD of course, (customer service departments rarely have the flexibility to be generous) with an entertaining description of its short life, and with the ready acceptance that it had not been looked after very well and they were not obliged to be kind to me. I also said it didn’t seem so strong as my other Canon cameras (I’m on my 4th) which was true.

Guess what? The short story is that Canon are mending it free of charge! The lovely lady in Customer Care sent me a warm and fun letter, entering into the spirit of the entertaining exchange, and Canon went onto my list of companies who know how to treat customers well. The camera hasn’t arrived yet but it will, and comes with another six months warranty – and a wise little warning not to try it again! Now THAT is up to Apple standards of customer care. Well done Canon. You’ve won my heart and go to the top of the class.

How do you look after the people in your life? Canon overlooked my humanity and were kind. They’ll be remembered for it.

Bilbo camper conversions won’t. The sad and uppity lady at the huge NEC mobile homes exhibition told me off for photographing her camper vans to get ideas for my own conversion. How silly! All the others were complimented by my interest, pointing out the features, chatting happily away and wishing me well. One guy said how people came back having converted their own camper and often bought a brand new one from them because they loved camper van life so much – for £32,000! Needless to say he WANTED me to take photos to remind me of how good his vans are.

And Canon didn’t expect the blog in their honour either. Want a good camera? Buy a Canon. The service is great and they love their customers. I really like being loved, don’t you?

4 thoughts on “Canon excel themselves in customer service”

  1. What a refreshing story, Andrew. I’m so used to being frustrated when things go wrong and find it such a hassle dealing with big, impersonal companies. I wouldn’t have thought to correspond with the MD! Incidentally, I have a Canon IXUS too – a royal blue one – but it hasn’t been to the Arctic!

  2. Thanks, Christine. I’ve written to Canon and Bilbo to let them know they are featured on this blog. Let’s see what happens!

  3. Canon do not supply such service in relation to availability of printer cartridges. I lived in the UAE and bought a printer. When I moved to South Africa I could still buy replacement cartridges. Now I am in the UK they are not available. Canon say I have to buy from the UAE as these cartridges are only sold in that region

  4. I guess the multiple variations of printer are the issue, Sean. I spend 100s of pounds a year on toner, drums, and various other ‘consumables’. Business is about making money, and as we engage with the market place it is going to cost us. Maybe you can treat yourself to a really nice printer… mine’s OKI, a C711DN. Very nice and comparatively low cost per copy, but still seems extortionate!

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