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My new Canon has arrived, repaired, re-cased, re-screened, re-serial numbered and sitting on my desk next to my MacBook Pro!

The Canon on my desk in the autumnal sunlight – along with a fuel bill, a calculator (I never was any good with fuel bills), the few pence I have left now I’ve paid it  – and a micropore camping towel? Ah, well.

A new camera then? Probably.  It looks beautiful in red, though has none of those battle scars the one I sent them had – ‘in a Good Way’, as Claudia Winkleman would say on Strictly Takes Two. And yes, I’ll look after this one a bit better, now I realise it is not quite so bullet-proof as the older models.

Congratulations again to Canon’s Customer Service. My letter to them is reprinted below…

Dear Mr Iwarsson  (He is the big boss at Canon and looked after me as he said he would)

This camera has done the rounds:  I bought it in Thesaloniki in Greece in July 2011 when my other identical one fell off my motorbike in the midst of nowhere. (It did 23 countries in 20 days on a BMW1200GS, camping wild, without missing a beat so it was doing well.) That one replaced one of the classic IXUS 70s, which still works but isn’t quite so high definition.  And this one has just come back from the Arctic. 4,500 mile round trip. Brilliant.

I love ‘em!  However for some reason this one hasn’t seemed so strong and hasn’t done so well. Same treatment as the others, but more vulnerable somehow. I straightened out the zoom lens cover with my Leatherman, and wasn’t that fussed about the back glass breaking – it still worked – but now it has finally given up. The press button assembly fell apart this week, just as I was taking a photo of the vicar … no, honestly!!

Ah, I thought, Superglue.  But that didn’t work either. I was VERY careful to make sure no glue got anywhere it shouldn’t but I couldn’t get the zoom lever to work. 

I KNOW I’m supposed to send it off somewhere else, but I live out in the sticks and getting to a camera shop is a hassle. Getting to the local post office is easier – and besides, I thought you’d like to hear its story! (And be entertained for a few minutes. I bet you’ve smiled!)

More seriously, your cameras are brilliant. I’ve had three and also bought one for my longsuffering wife so she can take even closer up pictures of babies, and I recommend Canon to all my friends.The  best bit is the quality of the lens and how reliable they are. I KNOW this one has been knocked about a bit, and is out of warranty but it was still as good as gold and worked fine – until the button fell off.  I just thought you might be able to authorise one of your talented staff to repair it for me, so I can use it on my next trip – pushbiking in the Shetlands is the plan.  (Yes, camping wild of course. Its legal in Scotland at least!)

And if you CAN fix it, I’ll be a devoted Canon fan for LIFE. LIFE!

With best wishes and happy smiles,

 Andrew Sercombe.

PS. I’m an executive coach who loves adventures: and

PPS. Got an iPhone? My little gift to you is the app ‘PowerchangeMe’.  It’s free. Enjoy.

 It is really great when people deliver exceptional service.  Canon can – and did. 

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