Coming Home.

This story continues from last year’s Christmas blog. If you’ve not read it already, it might provide an enjoyable minute or two. If you did read it at the time, pop back for a second visit before you read Part 2. Here is Part 2 of the story… Mrs Winchester never slept like a baby […]

A Purpose-inspired Life, Part 1.

The evidence is well researched and clear. If you want a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfilment in your life, live with a clear sense of ‘life-time purpose’. Whilst it is often a person’s decision to live life on a minute by minute, day by day basis, thinking only of how they can stave off […]

Max Winchester?

Who is Max Winchester?  Well, I’ve been trying to find out.  He is a very evasive character to get an interview with, but I manage somehow. Some say he is the epitome of ‘blue jacket man’, whatever that may mean, and that his slightly hang-dog expression indicates his vulnerability. From his short pithy lines, I […]

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