The rollercoaster – are YOU on one?

A friend emailed me yesterday to say her business had been a ‘rollercoaster’. Know the feeling?  Loads of ups and downs following one another in frighteningly (or exhilaratingly) quick succession.

Dawn from my tent flap, Lisebotn Fiord, Norway.
Dawn from my tent flap, Lysebotn Fiord, Norway, Aug 09.

Assuming ‘ups’ are the tough bits and the ‘downs’ easier, we tend to see in the next few cycles what fits our expectations.  Here are two alternatives for a person going through a tough time:

a) “Whatever good times I go through they always seem to be followed by one of these debilitating climbs. It is really hard.”      Or…

b) “I often go through tough times, but there is always a good time after that. I just keep going till I break through.”

Or as an old preacher used to say, “As surely as the Lord paints the sunsets, the dawn will come!” He knew a thing or two.

Same ride (it’s called Life), different responses. Here are two comments to think about:

1) If you’re wanting to make the most of the ups and downs, look for the trends:  Are the good times getting more or less frequent? Are the steep times getting tougher or less tough? It helps you step back a little and see a bigger picture.

2) Remember that people who see the good times live longer, are happier healthier and richer. They are not merely to be written off as ‘optimists’ refusing to face the facts. They live with a crucial ingredient for healthy living – hope.

Both these attitudes help us as business people to respond to the situations in hand without being tossed about by them emotionally too much. Let them affect you.

Remember when the darkness has set in: sunrise is inevitable.

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