Courage in the face of Fear.

Fresh Air. The Black Glacier, on my Norway visit this year. (See below!)

Here in the UK we have been suffering an epidemic of fear. Fear is being promoted at every corner: stripes on the pavement, notices on shop windows, security staff on doors, cardboard cups, taped barriers, random warnings, cancelled appointments and half-seen faces. Here where I live we’ve even got roads closed and entire lanes dedicated to two or three cyclists an hour. The rationale for all these has been lost in the melee as the majority of the population bows to those who love having unlimited power to control us. Their tool for this is fear. Fear of a virus that is 1000 times smaller than the pores in the finest fabrics we are advised to use in an attempt to protect ourselves.

I’ve not seen ANY promotion of courage, have you?

Fear is not always a bad thing of course. I have a profound fear of being trapped – it’s called claustrophobia – and I’m glad I do. It is not an illness, it is a wisdom-based emotional condition. It means I take action to avoid being trapped, in my case not just by physical things like caves and other small physical spaces from which exit is difficult or impossible, but by non-physical things like the outworking of psychological concepts, some religious beliefs, and a variety of socio-cultural expectations and pressures – from which exit is also difficult or impossible. I have no intention of allowing myself to be trapped by these things, including fear, and I suggest you might like to take that precaution too!

So stay open. Stay curious. Keep asking questions of those who think they know. Even awkward ones. Read way beyond the controlled mainstream media, poke your way beyond the emotive lines dished out by politicians, ‘scientists’ and so called experts – lines designed to make and keep people compliant. Ask yourself about how those people are funded, who they owe allegiance to, what would they lose if they were to answer honestly the questions they are asked. Don’t believe someone who says they are trying to keep you safe. They have other personal agendas that are a far far higher priority to them than your health and safety.

So how about some of the things I’m learning? Here are some of my personal headlines:

  • God has given you an amazing immune system. Look after it!

You can do that by making sure you eat good wholesome fresh food, and get outside a lot. One of the worst things you can do is stay indoors all the time. Fresh air has lots of oxygen in it, and you need oxygen to build your body’s natural protections. Did you know that the current culprit we’re all so concerned about is completely destroyed by 2 or 3 minutes in bright sunlight?

Don’t be afraid to hug people either. Your immune system needs to be kept active by lots of different ‘small threats’ (from the environment and contact with other people) so that it is well programmed to recognise what is and what is not ‘you’, and it then labels and kills off. That’s what the famous T-cells do!

The chances of sufficient viral ‘load’ being transmitted to you in the contact time it takes to hug your friend (sufficient ‘load’ to overwhelm your immune system and make you seriously ill) is so infinitesimally small you are more likely to die from a heart attack while you wait for it to take effect! It takes quite a time for there to be sufficient ‘load’ to hurt you. It is also interesting that people who don’t have symptoms of illness aren’t ill enough to give you anything serious!

  • Avoid anything that restricts your natural breathing process.

ANY restriction to your airways reduces that essential oxygen you are designed to breath. It also means you will be re-breathing carbon dioxide – not a good idea. The effects of unnatural levels of carbon dioxide on the body may include headaches, dizziness, restlessness, a tingling or pins or needles feeling, difficulty breathing, sweating, tiredness, increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, coma, asphyxia, and even convulsions. Not good then! It’s the reason we breath it out, and need to do so in an unconstricted fashion.

  • If you’re ill, stay at home. You know what the signs are.

Whether you have a cold, flu or anything else, don’t share it around. Stay at home, take some paracetamol, and sit by a nice warm fire.

Trust your immune system to deal with it. See above! And don’t think for a moment that someone sticking a needle into your arm is going to prevent you getting any particular illness. Such action might actually give you an illness, as many contain live animal content – some contain live unstable human fetal material. Ask yourself: do I really want that in my bloodstream? Think about it.

  • Avoid high or long levels of stress.

This is a pretty good principle for most of our lives anyway. I love the 80% rule here. Each of us needs to leave an extra 20% of our energy, time and even money for those moments of crisis we inevitably face in normal living. Sustained stress profoundly undermines your Immune System, so being afraid, anxious, worrying, not sleeping well or being able to relax – and burying these things – lowers your resistance to disease. (Dis -Ease. Hmmm. Might be a connection!) Of course short bursts of moderate ‘stress’ can be healthy – – even relaxing! (I’ve a client who relaxes by extreme rock climbing! You ought to see his arm muscles…) High levels of stress, or even moderate levels sustained for long, is NOT good. Cancer, heart attack, and multiple other health problems are associated with stress. People who constantly try to give 100% or more end up burnt out or attempting to make up the deficit in other ways. Such emotional stress-debt can actually kill you.

Prepare for Action

Have you noticed that the classic reactions to fear – the ‘Four Fs’ are Fight, Flee, Faint, Freeze – are known panic reactions and INCREASE your sense of vulnerability? I like to think that PA (my shorthand for Panic Attack) has a better meaning: Prepare for Action. You and I are currently being bombarded with fear-inducing, unhealthy statements about the future from people who should know better. So prepare for action. Choose to live with courage yourself. Reject fear-based projections and ‘warnings’ (any comments about what ‘is going to happen in the future’ is pure speculation – haven’t we had enough of that nonsense?) and choose to live EN-couraging others to do the same.

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