Max Winchester Visits Bethlehem

Max hadn’t intended to visit Bethlehem. The truth is, geography never has been his strong point, and satellite technology isn’t either. When the word ‘Stable’ had come up on his TomTom, he’s assumed that it meant something completely different. He’d hit the ‘Go’ button – with a degree of his normal trepidation – and driven […]

An ‘Ideal Home’?

I could mean a physical ‘bricks-and-mortar’ home.  I could mean the context of a family most of us have. I could mean the classic ‘family you choose for yourself’, someone’s definition for a close group of friends.  I potentially mean all of those and one more beside: the home you can enjoy inside yourself. Your […]

What do YOU offer?

And please don’t tell me you’re not in sales. The truth is, we all are. Even the ‘exchange’ of a greeting on the street has an underlying element of healthy and important trading in it – even if you consciously have no intention to trade!  So you sell something – maybe your time, your skills, […]

Learning to be a Mega-Encourager

Yes, each of us has a choice: to criticise or encourage, to focus on criticism or focus on encouragement. Personally, I’ve learned to listen much more to those who encourage me. Criticism has far more impact (up to 10 times) than encouragement as we seem programmed to be far more sensitive to threat and danger. […]

Max Winchester?

Who is Max Winchester?  Well, I’ve been trying to find out.  He is a very evasive character to get an interview with, but I manage somehow. Some say he is the epitome of ‘blue jacket man’, whatever that may mean, and that his slightly hang-dog expression indicates his vulnerability. From his short pithy lines, I […]

Handling Criticism

Do anything, badly or well, and there is always a poor soul somewhere who feels it is their God-given right to tell you where you went wrong and how you should have done it! Because few people like to be thought of as judgmental (an even more polite euphemism for smearing someone’s efforts with the […]

Success Part 3: Better.

Google says there are 51,100,000 references to ‘motivation’ on the web. So what motivates the writing of so many words by so many ‘experts’? Here is my ‘expert’ opinion: people are crying out for a clear sense of personal purpose, their song. I started to live a much better life when I allowed that song […]

Confident with the future? Try “Pre-retrospection”!

A year or so ago I developed a process for re-evaluating your whole life – even the life you haven’t lived yet! I use it with clients who need reassurance of their decision-making processes, and people who are frightened to make a decision in case they miss something better (and as a result they make […]

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