Davey’s Redemption

Davey was frightened. He had made all sorts of mistakes in life, and now it had come to this, he thought to himself as he gazed fixedly into the putrid black water. Thinking all the usual thoughts  that people think in Davey’s position – he was practiced at them by now – he contemplated the […]

“I AM HERE” What on earth …

The latest Sercombe motorbike adventure was to the Outer Hebrides.  Just me, my big BMW R1200GS and my red tent.  In case you’ve never been there – and few people round West Sussex have as it’s 730 miles away –  this string of islands is off the northwest coast of Scotland, windy, rainy and cold. And in the […]

Full Circle to Christianity’s ‘faith, hope and love’.

In a world where the usual reassurances are no longer working, where, across the world, confidence in government, education, business and justice systems – even in ourselves – is at an all-time low, more and more people are looking around with searching eyes, hunting for some roots, some solid ground beneath their feet, something – […]

Shrapnel. Unexploded bombs. What’s your story?

Working with a company this week or so I have spent seven days coaching just twenty two people. They came from ten different nationalities. Thankfully the company has a very enlightened approach to performance coaching, accepting that lives are not compartmentalised and that what happens on the inside profoundly affect the outside. We’re working on […]

The Day of the Entrepreneur has Come.

Hooray!  Hooray!  At last, amid the sad gloom and gutting inevitability of downturns, redundancies  and part time working, there is a glimmer of light on the dawn horizon. The country is slowly awakening to the idea that starting your own business is worth it.  Part-time or full-time, for those little luxuries, for feeding the kids […]

The rollercoaster – are YOU on one?

A friend emailed me yesterday to say her business had been a ‘rollercoaster’. Know the feeling?  Loads of ups and downs following one another in frighteningly (or exhilaratingly) quick succession. Assuming ‘ups’ are the tough bits and the ‘downs’ easier, we tend to see in the next few cycles what fits our expectations.  Here are […]

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