Inevitable Success

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Here at Powerchange Central we’ve been studying some more and noticing that success is inevitable for human beings.

Success is not the attainment of some challenging goal. Success is an UNAVOIDABLE consequence of being human. Yes, unavoidable. And it is not something you achieve either. It is something you have right here and NOW. Your life is filling up every day with success. Every day along the journey you have taken – successfully – step after step.  When you have stumbled or even fallen headlong, you have chosen to get up and walk on. That is success. The fact of you reading this is another indication of your success.

Failing is success being born (not ‘trying to be born’ as some would quote.) Failing IS SUCCESS BEING BORN. Each time you fail you move your life another step along the road, not ‘to’ success but ‘of’ success. Think of success as the name we give to the journey not merely the feelings we have when we get a result we want.

If you are a living human being, you are experiencing success now. Don’t be fooled by those who would market success as a rare commodity to which only they have the key. Success is getting up in the morning when things are tough.  We suffer , not from a lack of success, but from a blindness to how success haunts our every action. Your success is inevitable.

From the day you began you are programmed to succeed. And you do. My little grandson struggled with feeding in the first few days of his life. When he managed to get himself sorted out and started to put on weight people said ‘Well done!’ to him. He wasn’t knowingly growing – he couldn’t help it. Instinctively he was designed to succeed and he did. Now he is setting out to walk around the world and has started practising, pushing his little legs out strongly when you hold him up. He is also learning to roll over.  He hasn’t done it yet, but in a week or two he will. He is programmed to succeed and cannot NOT do so.

Like the Chinese who count your birthday as from conception not birth, success begins at the conception of your life, your project or your intention and is a constant companion on your journey. Simply moving towards the final outcome is in itself very rewarding (it will make you feel great as you realise you’re moving towards completion) but it isn’t the final ‘final outcome’ is it.  There is always somewhere further, somewhere deeper, somewhere higher to go, and it is an inevitable part of human nature to take another step.

You started kicking away in the womb exercising your legs ready for walking as a toddler. Those early kicks are the beginning of walking. The little child pressing those piano keys and hearing a note IS playing the piano. It’s not the end of his piano career, it is the beginning.

You haven’t stopped walking since you made those early kicks, have you! And although you may be giving your piano-playing skills a holiday for the time being, you never know when you’ll want to continue the process and improve them.

Success, when seen in this light, provokes a different response to the normal congratulatory praise we bask in when we come to the end of a chosen pathway of (not ‘to’) success and achieve a goal. It provokes a response of gratitude and humility, for success isn’t about perfection or arrival but about the way you are made. You are very cleverly designed to succeed, and you do. If it was up to you to take the credit, I’d say ‘Well done’, but none of us can avoid our success. It is as natural (and often as unnoticeable) as breathing.

Still breathing? Brilliant. Enjoy your success.

0 thoughts on “Inevitable Success”

  1. Wow, inevitable and unrealised success we ignore because we are busy trying to pursue society’s perceived view of Success. It is time to rewire my Auto response from focusing on attaining success to actually living and enjoying success.
    Thank you for the Awesome new knowledge.

  2. A profound insight into the human malaise – that of continually seeking the next milestone and not stopping to admire the view along the way.

    I will send the link to someone who would enjoy reading this.

  3. When I read this I burst out crying and actually howled. This was only after reading three lines into it. And upon reading the last line I felt it was written for me.

    I am going through a period of re-assessing my work needs and looking at qualifications or looking at what I dont have whilst checking out the job scene.

    The timing of this blog was perfect. I have picked myself off the floor and re-defined success, thanks to your blog.

    Oh and the last line reminds me of the success I have in breathing as I have one lung and what a success story is that? Thank you for reminding me of all the success I truly already have. Iam a successful human being.

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