Confident with the future? Try “Pre-retrospection”!

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A year or so ago I developed a process for re-evaluating your whole life – even the life you haven’t lived yet!

Max is quick off the mark as usual.
Max is quick off the mark as usual.

I use it with clients who need reassurance of their decision-making processes, and people who are frightened to make a decision in case they miss something better (and as a result they make no decision and are stuck once more with the status quo.)  I used it last week when working with a business consultant in London and as usual it came up trumps.   I call it ‘Pre-retrospection’, and it is a way of looking back on your life from the end of it – as if it has been lived already – and noticing what you did, and how you did it.  It has a clever way of accessing what you think is true at a very deep level; it comes up with some hugely insightful information about the inner you – and is amazingly releasing.

Of course it is psychological tool and as such needs to be used wisely, preferably with someone who knows what they’re doing. It  has huge power and is a relaxing and enjoyable exercise.

I’m often with clients who come to me because they are stuck.  Fear is a normal part of life, but when fear starts to dominate, it reduces life to worse than a chore, with very little joy in it. Pre-retrospection is a great key to unlocking that fear, and clients enjoy life again, launching themselves into the future with confidence and assurance, just as my business consultant client did.  He sat in his chair after this exercise (it involves walking around and talking to yourself!) and told me how amazing he felt and what a good coach I was! (Nothing like a bit of praise for a good job done to make you feel good, eh?)?  Try “Pre-retrospection” – it’s all in the word> Retrospection: to look back.  Pre: before it has happened.  To look back before it as happened, but as if it HAS happened. (If I were a meercat I’d have a word for that: Simples.)

Want to try some?  You know what to do. (I’m sure my email address must be on this page somewhere!)

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