Inevitable Success

Here at Powerchange Central we’ve been studying some more and noticing that success is inevitable for human beings. Success is not the attainment of some challenging goal. Success is an UNAVOIDABLE consequence of being human. Yes, unavoidable. And it is not something you achieve either. It is something you have right here and NOW. Your […]

An ‘Ideal Home’?

I could mean a physical ‘bricks-and-mortar’ home.  I could mean the context of a family most of us have. I could mean the classic ‘family you choose for yourself’, someone’s definition for a close group of friends.  I potentially mean all of those and one more beside: the home you can enjoy inside yourself. Your […]

Auto Response Psychology and dis-ease.

This IS rocket science!  Not hard to understand once you let your brain take it in, but no doubt right up there with rocket science.  Imagine – your auto immune system applied to your mind and your thinking. The way you automatically respond to the world around you.  Your Auto Response Psychology. Imagine having an allergic […]

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